Race the Alley CHALLENGES

which one Is for you?

Pick your trip length. Pick your speed limit.

Same toll for all Races. $45

Leisurely Drive

Take your time and enjoy the challenge! You get all the same perks as but no stress… you’ve got until 12/1 to complete 75 miles!

Speed Racer

Pick a week (any 7 day period) that fits your schedule. You need to complete 75 miles in that period (before 8/1) to be eligible for awards.

Over and Back

Complete a total of 150 miles before 9/1 for this challenge. “Start” on the west coast or east coast, it doesn’t matter how you go “Over and back” 

June Challenge

Awards will be first given out to this challenge which ends on 7/1 at midnight. Just get your 75 miles in before then! Make sure to grab your extra gear too!

Hot Pavement

Ok so the pavement is hot in July, whether you live in FL or not! Finish this challenge within July to be eligible. Enter by 6/15 to get swag in advance!

Wipers On

It’s officially rainy season in August but that won’t stop you! Finish your 75 within the month to be eligible. Enter by 7/15 to get swag in advance.

Race the Alley

what do You Get?

Tee Shirt

all race challengers receive awesome tech tee. You can upgrade to long sleeve or tank during registration.


all race challengers receive a finisher’s medal. 5 inches and sturdy as a gator.


All challenges (other than leisurely Drive) will have age group and overall awards for top 3 positions. All results verified by all the top fitness apps.


Use our race tracking to see how you’re doing against other runners in your group, or just how far to raech your fitness goal!


all race challengers will have access to special social media groups, custom bibs, merch discounts and more!

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